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July 10, 2023
Niels Tonsen
Co-founder & CEO

Simplify and automate operations with AI

Are you drowning in emails? People in the US are spending 149 minutes per day on average managing their work inbox: that’s almost six weeks every year. Six weeks you could use to advance that critical project, rework your company’s business processes and help your team be more productive.

If you’re looking to use AI in operations, automating your email inbox is a great place to start. You’ll spend a lot less time sorting through messages, extracting the data you need, updating it in your tools, and drafting replies. Instead, you can use that time to tackle strategic, higher-value work. This smarter form of email automation will help protect your team’s time.

Unfolding the AI revolution


When you’re introducing automated processes with AI into your workflows, you’ll realize that it’s much more powerful than conventional automation. After you add your guidelines and prompts to AI, it can make accurate decisions by understanding and working with unstructured data (your typical text-heavy emails) due to its capacity to process large amounts of data quickly.

This flexibility is helping businesses improve their productivity. It’s expected that by 2035, productivity may increase by up to 37% due to AI.

Here are ways in which it’s already making a positive impact today:

  • Customer service teams offer chatbots trained on company knowledge bases and documentation to serve solutions to users before connecting them to a human rep.
  • Marketing teams use AI to make decisions based on large amounts of data, discovering what customers and audiences are looking for, how they feel about products and services, and how high their intent to buy is.
  • Business intelligence teams train AI models on company data, helping uncover trends, spot opportunities or risks, and find productivity problems.
  • Engineering teams use AI for predictive maintenance, reducing lost productivity from downtime and improving workplace security.
  • AI agents and robotic process automation (RPA) platforms create digital workers that automate tasks such as email classification, data scraping, competitive research, planning, scheduling and content creation, among many others.
  • Operations teams leverage AI for collecting data, monitoring performance, improving existing automation workflows and planning new ones to increase efficiency and productivity.

And this is just the beginning. AI models are improving very quickly, enabling companies to build solutions to costly business challenges. One of these is enabling email automation with AI to cut the time you spend on emails every day.

The AI-powered inbox

Here’s the power of email automation with AI: you open your inbox and see that 80 emails were already processed. The relevant data was extracted and added to your databases and added to your internal tools. 70 of those emails were automatically replied to and now there are only 10 that you need to greenlight yourself—and the draft reply is already written and ready to go. This cuts your daily 2-hour email grind into a 15-minute walk in the park.

No, this is not a fantasy. With an AI-powered inbox:

  • Automatically classify and tag emails by priority or topic, acting as an automated inbox organizer.
  • Extract data from the email and its attachments (using OCR), and use AI for database interaction, storing that data and having it available in all your internal tools.
  • Send customized automatic replies to common requests.
  • Use AI for email analysis, running natural language processing through the content to extract intent, sentiment and suggest next steps.
  • Immediately forward emails that are meant for other teams.
  • Generate draft replies that you can quickly tweak and send with a click.

How does AI do this? Large language models (LLMs) are trained on a huge amount of data, helping them understand how natural language (and its underlying logic) works. When you add an instruction, a set of examples and the data you want to process, it can accurately complete that task. And once it is, you can send the data where you need it to be with conventional automation. It can literally reply to and organize your communications as you sleep.

How does email automation with AI work?

When you use AI for email management, it feels like you hired a highly efficient personal assistant. It can help you optimize your inbox, so you can spend less time sorting through your messages and more time solving critical problems.

Uify makes it easy to add AI to your existing tools. With the AI-powered inbox, you can build a solution tailored to your team’s needs by connecting with leading AI models, helping you analyze your data-rich emails. AI will extract every single word from your quotes or supplier updates (down to attachment content), and update it directly within your internal systems. No extra admin work required.

Are you ready to put your inbox on autopilot and take control of your time? Sign up to Uify today and start automating your email for free.