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Automate your email with AI

Let AI-powered apps handle your incoming quotes, requests, data updates, and many more. Save hundreds of hours on manual copy paste.

Teams who accelerate with our AI-powered apps

Kill the email beast

Leverage AI to analyze your emails, extract relevant data, and enter it to internal systems with Uify.

Let your AI-powered app run fully automated; step in when human-in-the-loop is needed.

Take it a step further: automate email responses, confirmations, supplier updates, and quote approvals.

Set it up in no time

Connect your Gmail account to process your emails.

Tell the AI what to look for in your emails and retrieve relevant data.

Have the AI translate data into a structured format, ready for processing by your internal system.

Made for teams

Manage permissions and decide who can view your app and who can edit it.

Collaborate in real-time with your team.

Connect the tools you already use like Salesforce, Hubspot, or your internal APIs.

The power of AI for any inbox


Manage booking requests with ease.

Automate data extraction from email booking requests, automate booking creation and sending confirmations to your guests. Engage the team for additional input when needed.

Delivery Services

Speed up your live operations.

Automate data extraction from crucial partner emails such as changes in inventory availability or price updates, generate API calls to your system, and respond faster.

B2B Commerce

Automate RFQ or RFP processing.

Build a custom tool to process inbound RFQ/RFP emails from clients and create draft POs in your system. Let your team focus on enriching the quotes and respond faster to clients.