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The first AI assistant for procurement

Save hundreds of hours processing emails. Automate manual data entry and update your ERP with one click.

Automate 80% of data entry

Supercharge your
procurement team

Process emails with AI

The AI assistant extracts data from emails and even complex attachments.

It intelligently determines the next actions: Update the ERP, ask for missing information, or request a user confirmation.

Instantly update your ERP

We integrate with all leading ERPs: SAP, MS Dynamics, Netsuite, ABAS, and more.

You can also connect custom API endpoints and databases.

Stay in control

You can set precise guardrails for the assistant with custom rules and policies.

To ensure accuracy at all times, require human review and approval flows for sensitive actions.

Respond faster

Access context-relevant information from your data sources next to any email.

Let the AI assistant generate responses with a single click and save 90% of keystrokes.

Remove manual processes from your procurement workflows

Instant system updates

Intelligent AI-based processing

data quality

Reduce data-entry mistakes

Access management

Set granular access controls

Built-in analytics

Generate valuable process insights

Say hi to your
AI assistant!

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Turn your inbox into a productivity powerhouse

Intelligently process email text and attachments

Your AI assistant has human-level understanding of your emails, including any attachments.

Stay in control

Use rule-based policies to enforce user confirmation for sensitive updates or decision-making.

Gmail & Outlook support

We integrate with MS 365 Outlook, Gmail, or simply provide a forwarding address.

AI-generated smart replies

Generate tailored responses with a single click - including attachments.

Data security built in

We do not store any of your data, use 256 bit end-to-end encryption, and are GDPR compliant.

Supercharge your
procurement operations

Manage POs or delivery updates in seconds; update your ERP with one click.