One workspace.

Rapidly build the real-time collaborative applications your teams need.
Connect any data source. Use JavaScript anywhere.


Build apps faster, together

Break through lengthy product development and feedback cycles. Stop struggling with frameworks, dependencies, and CI/CD. Build together in real-time and ship apps 10x faster.

Apps x Workspace = 🙌

The best environment for teamwork is a shared workspace. All your apps are deployed to a multiplayer workspace with powerful collaborative features for your users.

Build solutions in minutes,

Visual UI Builder

Use our extensive set of pre-built UI components like tables, charts, or forms. Build responsive layouts visually with drag and drop. Customize styling to match your brand guidelines.

Customize components

Connect your data sources, build the UI with drag and drop, run database queries and JavaScript actions. With Uify you can build apps with your colleagues in real-time, host video/audio calls, and place contextualized annotations.

JavaScript, anywhere

Write custom functions and event handlers in a VS-Code-like IDE. Use JavaScript expressions for dynamic & reactive component behavior.

Real-time collaboration

Presence, shared cursors, commenting, and audio/video calls make building an app an incredibly collaborative experience.

Deploy to a multiplayer
for your users

Every app you ship becomes part of the workspace for your end-users. Teams have never been this productive.

Multiplayer workspace

Flexible organization, powerful search

Organize apps the way it works best for your teams. Powerful integrated search. One login for everything.


Real-time collaboration

Users get the full multiplayer experience: They can see who is working on what in real-time, run in-app audio/video calls, add comments and tag colleagues.


Unified inbox

Users receive all notifications, @mentions, and comments in one unified inbox. It has an API, so you can trigger custom notifications programmatically.

Access Control

Granular access control

Easily manage roles, users, or user groups and their access rights on workspace or app level.

Connect any data source

20+ ready-made integrations

Connect to your internal databases, REST APIs, GraphQL APIs, or existing SaaS. Writing requests is as easy as in Postman or your favorite SQL tool.

Data transformation

Filter, group, or enrich data with a few lines of JavaScript. Easily combine data from different sources.

Dynamic parameters

Any interaction with external data can be parametrized dynamically with embedded JavaScript snippets.

Structure explorer

A data inspector provides a structural representation of your data source and their properties.

Use cases

Supply Chain

Easily create dashboards to give your supply chain teams full visibility. Automate workflows and set up important notifications with the inbox API.


Build collaborative apps for your sales team to supercharge their productivity and help them close more deals. For example a custom pipeline view that can be edited and discussed together in real-time.


Provide your HR teams with next-generation, fully-collaborative custom apps. For example a performance evaluation tool where managers discuss and evaluate performance together in real-time.

Sales Pipeline
HR Performance Management

The future of teamwork,
built with low-code.

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