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Build AI-powered Salesforce apps,
incredibly fast.

Build custom apps embedded into Salesforce in minutes.
Integrated with all your data. Powered by AI.

Teams who trust us already

Supercharge Salesforce

Empower your team with AI-powered custom apps directly embedded into Salesforce.

Harness the power of LLMs to speed up email and case management, information retrieval, and data processing.

Put all your data at the fingertips of your users - right from within Salesforce.

Integrate your data into Salesforce

Connect your data warehouse, internal data storage or API - we maintain all integrations for you.

Leverage leading AI models for data extraction, attachment processing, or response authoring.

Control data access at user level; manage users via SSO, and review instant logs for all user actions.

Build blazingly fast

Salesforce development doesn’t have to be slow and complicated - save weeks building custom AI apps.

Uify integrates with Salesforce, giving your apps programmatic access to the user’s context.

Leverage Uify’s prompt templates and AI actions to automate tasks for your users.

Enhance any CRM or help desk tool with AI


Cut ticket handling times by >30% by auto-generating the perfect response, already enriched with all relevant data to resolve the case.


Action inventory or price updates from your suppliers right from your inbox. Extract data from emails and attachments to update your systems.


Extract data from emails or tickets, add it to your internal systems, and send a well-written confirmation email back to your customer.