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Connected Apps & Data

    Operations teams constantly combine and manipulate data from various sources. Handling this with CSVs and spreadsheets leads to low productivity and many errors.

    Connect your data sources to the Uify workspace in just a few clicks. With our UI components, you can quickly build solutions across multiple data sources within one interface. Explore your data, build apps, and automate workflows, while keeping all your systems in sync.

    Marketplace Operations

    Supply/Demand Management

    Merge all relevant data and create custom app logic to efficiently match supply and demand.
    Customer Support

    360° Customer Overview

    Combine data from your CRM, DWH, or finance system to create a 360° view on your customer.
    Sales Operations

    Sales & Marketing Dashboard

    Combine web, ad, and CRM data to get an overview of all lead gen activities.

    Actionable Analytics

      Dashboards created in Looker & Co. lack actionability. To act on the insights, actions then have to be taken in other systems. This system break leads to reduced engagement with the dashboards and ultimately poor decision-making.

      Leveraging our chart components and app builder,  you can visualize and make data editable within the same interface. The commenting feature enables collaboration around your data directly in the apps, making teams move faster.

      Customer service

      Ticket Pipeline Monitoring

      Visualize your incoming tickets, notify your agents, and track ticket completion in real-time.
      Inventory Management

      Inventory & Replenishment Tool

      Track inventory levels in real-time and action reorders without switching interfaces.
      Supply chain Management

      Supply Chain Visibility Tool

      Visualize relevant supply chain activities and address upcoming bottlenecks immediately.

      Spreadsheet Replacements

        Spreadsheets are the go-to tool for operations teams, but they have serious weaknesses. Spreadsheets lack the stability, scalability, and security of proper databases. And when multiple users collaborate on the same sheet, it often leads to errors and data conflicts.

        Repurpose your spreadsheet to a database and build scalable interfaces and automations on top, scaling easily to hundreds of users. Real-time connections to your data sources and APIs eliminate the need for “CSV copy/pasting”. For even more scalability, transfer your data to the UifyDB.


        Multiplayer UI custom logic

        No more clogged interfaces and complex AppScripts - build applicarions that scale.

        Direct data connections

        Stop copy/pasting CSV files, integrate directly with your data sources (read/write).

        Migrate to UifyDB

        Migrate your G-Sheets into our SQL-based UifyDB to unlock all database features.

        Workflow Management

          Structured workflows involving multiple people and systems are crucial for reliable task completion in any organization. Their speed of execution drives productivity.

          Set up and customize our no-code workflow components, leverage the workspace inbox (or Slack / email notifications) and commenting features to streamline related communication. Track user engagement and workflow execution over time to continuously improve efficiency.


          KYC Process

          Upload your documents and set up a custom workflow to support your KYC process.
          Customer Success

          Customer Onboarding

          Connect your CRM and coordinate customer onboarding with all relevant stakeholders.

          Credit Limit Adjustment

          Seamlessly support credit limit approval flows between operations and finance.