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Features ...

  • Up to 15 users
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited data sources & APIs
  • Permissions & user groups
  • Public apps


  • Creators: $50 per month
  • Users: $10 per app / month*

Everything in Free, plus ...

  • *Capped at $50 per user / month
  • On-premise installation
  • Google SSO
  • Staging & production
  • Custom React components
  • Versioning & rollbacks
  • User analytics
  • Live chat support



Everything in Pro, plus ...

  • SAML SSO & 2FA
  • Git-based version control
  • Monitoring & observability
  • Audit logs
  • Solution engineering
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated account manager


  • Uify is a real-time collaborative development platform to quickly build custom internal applications. From interactive dashboards to custom CRMs - even complex use cases can be shipped in a matter of days.

  • Uify is built for developers or data folks who are comfortable with JavaScript or SQL. The real-time collaborative, visual UI editor allows product managers and end-users to be easily integrated in the development process. Shortcut tedious feedback cycles and save precious engineering time.

  • Admin: Full access, including workspace settings, user and billing management
    Creator: Creates and builds apps with full access to the editor (including writing code).
    User: Primarily uses apps, can be invited as collaborator when building apps (with limited access to the editor, focused on UI creation)

  • The app permission logic regulates the access rights for individual apps. App permissions can only be granted by Admins or Creators:
    No access: User cannot see or access the app.
    Use: User can use the app but not switch to editor mode
    Collaborate: User can switch to editor mode for an app, but with limited access focused on UI creation only (no ability to write or manipulate code and queries).
    Editor: User has full access to the app, both in live and editor mode.
    Full access: User has full access to the app, both in live and editor mode. User can also manage app permissions for other users.

  • Creators and Admin are charged at $50 per seat/month.

    Users are charged per application they have access to with $10 per app/month. This is capped at $50 per month, i.e. even if a user has access to more than 5 apps, the monthly charge does not exceed $50 for that user.

  • Since most Uify apps will sit on top of your own data sources, your data remains with your organisation. Any data Uify stores that is required to operate the workspace (i.e. user profile data) are securely stored and encrypted. When processing your data during app operation, Uify acts as a proxy and all data is securely encrypted in transit. For more details please review our Security Policy.
  • All collaboration features of Uify are available both in live mode as well as editor mode:

    Annotations: Users can place comments anywhere, mention other users and reply in threads. For example to comment on an UI element (in editor mode), a chart or to place a comment on a table record, which “sticks” even if the filtering or sorting of the table changes.
    Global inbox: The global inbox receives all comments and app notifications. It has an internal API fully accessible to engineers, so it can be integrated into any app to support workflows.
    Shared state: If enabled for a live app, users can see in real-time what other users are doing whilst they are in the same interface. Think for Google Sheets experience (when you need it). In editor mode, users will always see other editors’ cursors and what they are working on right now.
    Video/audio calls with shared state: Users can set up calls and join into a shared real-time session. They will then see each others cursors and have a fully shared app state. They are both able to interact with the UI to e.g., change chart filters or table sorting, which will then also update for the other user.

  • It typically takes 1 hour to get comfortable with the key concepts and 1 day to ship the first app.

  • That’s easy! We created a neat “Getting started” tutorial for you. If you don’t find the answer to any question that might arise in our documentation, just join our Slack channel and post it or shoot us a quick email under

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