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Build on top of Microsoft SQL

Rapidly build custom apps and dashboards on top of your MS SQL database. Explore your schema with our data manager, and use our managed tables and charts to get going without any query writing.

Keep your credentials safe with secrets and boost security with SSH tunneling. Write SQL with IntelliSense, and add JavaScript where needed.

Working with MS SQL has never been faster

Explore your schema

Once connected, our built-in data management lets you explore the full schema and table content of your source. No need to keep switching to your IDE during app development.

Managed tables & charts

Can’t be bothered to write standard queries? Just use our managed table and managed chart mode and create fully CRUD-enabled tables or standard charts without writing a single query.

Create, update, or delete records

Want to write you own? Create any read, create, update, or delete query to your Microsoft SQL database. In fullscreen if you want and fully supported by IntelliSense.

Multiple statements & JS inserts

Run multiple queries in one transaction for maximum efficiency. Flexibly insert JavaScript with {{ }} to transform your data.

Leverage all your data

What you can build with Uify and Microsoft SQL

MS SQL Admin Panel

Use our managed-table mode for instant CRUD functionality. Set granular user permissions and create custom views for your users.

Master Data Management

Create custom approval flows using the Uify inbox to control changes to your master data. Utilize notifications for timely stakeholder updates.

Live Dashboards

Use pre-configured charts or craft custom charts with Plotly. Empower your users to perform write actions within the same interface, making insights actionable.
MS SQL Admin Panel
Master Data Management
Live Dashboards