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Build on top of Google Sheets

Rapidly build scalable applications on top of your Google Sheets. Use our managed tables and charts to get going without needing any code.

Use our library of flexible UI components to build beuatiful interfaces, configure granular access permissions, and use our built-in notifications and email actions to support your team's workflows.

Use Google Sheets like a database

Easy setup

Connect your Google Drive and access all your Google Sheets with a few clicks.

Managed tables & charts

Use our managed table and managed chart mode and create fully CRUD-enabled tables or standard charts without writing a single query.

Create, update, or delete rows

Use our Google Sheets actions to interact with your sheets. Flexibly add JavaScript anywhere to transform your data or add logic.

Combine your data

Combine data from different Google Sheets in one interface. Or connect your other data sources and systems to join them with your Google Sheets data.

Leverage all your data

What you can build with Uify and Google Sheets

Shipment Tracker

Upgrade your shipment tracker by separating your data and UI. Automate notifications on status changes and ensure full visibility on who did what when.

Product Catalogue

Manage your products in a user-friendly interface, neatly arranged with our card component. Add, update or remove product records with ease.

Live Dashboards

Use pre-configured charts or craft custom charts with Plotly. Empower your users to perform write actions within the same interface, making insights actionable.
Shipment Tracker
Product Catalogue
Live Dashboards