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July 13, 2023

June: Open sign-up, OpenAI chat mode, Slideout & Thread components

Dominik Picker
Co-founder & CTO

We managed to get through June without a scratch, and summer is in full swing 🏝☀️. Despite the temptations of the awesome weather, we worked tirelessly to deliver new features and improvements to support you in building powerful apps during your well-deserved summer break. Get yourself a piña colada and let’s dive in!

We opened our product! Plus some additional AI magic and new components to display table records and thread conversations.


  • 🎫 Open sign-up: Big milestone - We are out of our closed beta! Sign-up is now open to the world, so tell your friends, family, and pets immediately!
  • 🤖 OpenAI chat mode: The OpenAI action now offers chat mode, which allows you to directly interact with the chat API. And we also integrated the recently launched function parameters!
  • ➡️ Slideout component: With the <span class="code_text">Slideout</span> component, you can now conveniently present content in a side panel, similar to the table detail view. This offers a robust alternative to the <span class="code_text">Modal</span> component while being considerably less obtrusive.
  • 💬 Thread component: This newly introduced component enables the display of message histories, such as email threads or conversations with OpenAI.

Let’s break it down

Open sign-up

We are thrilled to announce that we finally opened up the product to the world! You may now create a new workspace for yourself by going through our ➡️ sign-up flow ⬅️. We hope that we are going to enable a much larger audience to create powerful applications lightning-fast, and cannot wait to see what our creative users will be able to come up with. Thank you for being part of our journey until now, we are just getting started!

OpenAI chat mode

Empowering you to leverage the remarkable capabilities of large language models is a major focus for us. With our OpenAI integration, you can already use the completions API and our prompt template for extracting structured data from unstructured text. Now, you can also work with the OpenAI chat API 🎉.

On top of that, you can now use the recently launched functions capabilities of the OpenAI models. Why not let the LLM decide which action to run next 🤖?

Slideout component

Our recently launched table detail view introduced an exciting new way to display dialog-like interactions. But for custom dialogs, you were so far limited to the <span class="code_text">Modal</span> component. This has changed! With the introduction of the new <span class="code_text">Slideout</span> component, you can now create similar dialogs to the table detail view, conveniently positioned in a side panel on the left or right. In many cases, this will provide a smoother user experience than using the <span class="code_text">Modal</span> component.

Showing a custom dialog in the new Slideout component

Thread component

We saw a lot of interesting use cases which are centered around email threads or chat messages (e.g., via the OpenAI chat API). However, displaying these threads within an application was often challenging or even unachievable. Our new <span class="code_text">Thread</span> component enables a seamless presentation of message threads, offering the convenience of collapsing or expanding individual messages. Spoiler alert: We are already working on the ability to add a reply and a full Gmail Inbox integration 🤫 - stay tuned!

Displaying a message thread in the new Thread component

Additional improvements

  • Lodash: You now have complete access to the extensive capabilities of Lodash wherever you use JavaScript. Make use of its renowned <span class="code_text">_</span> variable to leverage its functionality.
  • Data grid actions: The <span class="code_text">Data Grid</span> component now allows to configure action buttons in rows or columns, similar to the <span class="code_text">Table</span> component.
  • Property panel clean-up: As a component becomes more configurable, the properties panel associated with it tends to become more bloated. To address this, we have significantly simplified the properties panel for complex components like <span class="code_text">Table</span> to provide a better UX.
  • Table detail view improvements: You can now navigate between table records within the detail view by using the navigation buttons located at the top. Also, field labels and content can now run across multiple rows, allowing for the display of more comprehensive content compared to just within table cells.
  • Bug fixes & improvements: On top of all the features mentioned above, we applied 49 additional bug fixes and improvements 🚀.

We hope these enhancements bring you even greater delight than the stunning beach you're currently enjoying. Take the new features for a spin and please remember to share your valuable feedback with us!

Happy building!